An open letter to Haryana authorities.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I write to express my heartfelt gratitude for coming up with a such an innovative and brilliant idea to curb the incidents of rape in the city of Gurgaon. I, as a citizen of India, urge you to expedite the process of implementation of this rule at the earliest. I completely understand that banning women from working after 8 pm would benefit this city immensely and would immediately render it safe for the working women. Also, directing the employers to secure additional permission from the labour department to employ women to work after 8 pm would encourage them immensely to hire women employees. It is definitely a step towards the economic and social empowerment of women. After all, what business does a woman have working beyond 8 pm? I think, that a woman should come back home and quietly put dinner on the table and watch her serials and take care of the family to avoid getting raped. In fact, your idea of this ban has been so thoughtful that I do think you should project it as a model for the entire nation. Have you considered presenting this to the Ministry of Women and Child? They can immediately issue directions for a nation wide implementation of the same. Imagine the safety net that would be cast for all of us women if we can avoid working after 8 pm.

While we are discussing this ban through, I do think you should go all the way and take a look at the provisions in our Constitution and the Indian Penal Code. Suggest amendments to both perhaps? I mean, I understand that Part III of our Constitution contains a charter of rights which include individual liberties to citizens of India, but really why would one even think of granting the rights of freedom of movement to a woman? I mean yes, right to life and all those guarantees of non discrimination of women in the constitution and equality before law is fine, but in this day and age when men are busy raping all women, such liberties granted to women must be curbed. I agree that men are men and will always remain so. Post 8 pm, they would rape a woman and what can the state or authorities do about it? The most practical solution would be to curb all that has been granted to a woman. If only women stuck to traditions and kept wearing sarees and doled out chapatis all day, then none of this would have begun. It is also very important to carve out an exception in the Indian Penal Code. The provision on rape as it stands today strangely does not make any exception as to time, place and employment status of women. Shocking isn’t it? I wonder what the law makers were thinking in 1872! But we will let all that pass. We must focus on the issue at hand which is to immediately propose an amendment to the IPC section 375 to carve out an exception for women who are seen on streets after 8 pm and also maybe formally impose a dress code for all women for their own safety. Of course, some people will say it is terribly unconstitutional but imagine the safety it would bring for all woman kind! And crimes against women would go down and the work of the police and other authorities would be reduced to half. I agree that it is perfectly alright to rape a woman after 8 pm and in fact the state, instead of only hinting at it, should send out a concrete message to all men giving them a free hand to commit such crimes. And you must remember that such exception should not only apply to working women. It must also apply to home makers daring to step out after 8 pm, female students coming back from tuitions, girls who go for movies after 8 in the evening, girls who are out in town for a fun night, a female jogger going for a run, a female police on duty, a female doctor on duty, patients who are women, professionals who work night shifts, mothers picking up their children from birthday parties. I think I have missed a few but you must be kind enough to include all categories as possible.

I sincerely look forward to more of our ideas to empower women not only in this city but in our nation and your positive steps taken to curb the crime of rape in the country.

Yours faithfully,

A much concerned female citizen of India

49 thoughts on “An open letter to Haryana authorities.

  1. They should also amend the laws so that men shall be permitted to rape any random woman on the road only between 8 pm – 8 am. So what if any student has to be in school in 7:30 am or a mother needs to drop her child to school or a professional has a meeting or a woman has an early flight to catch. The State cannot be held responsible for that.

  2. Appalling, unconstitutional, outrageous, disgusting and WTF is the Haryana govt. thinking? They basically are trying to say that women are responsible for the crimes that happen to them. By that logic murder victims should be blamed for their death and so should victims of hit and run cases and all other crimes. So how about shifting the burden altogether. Let’s put the burden on the victim and put a curfew on the innocent and let the miscreants and perpetrators run free ! Kudos to the genius who thought of this brilliant plan! I am sure that person considered all the implications that this plan is going to have! Great!

    On another note- excellent blog entry Paroma! Powerful and sarcastic!

  3. I think we should support female foeticide … it will take time but will for sure solve the problem … why hasn’t that been the intent ???!!!

    • Arti! Exactly my point. Today it is 8 pm. Then it will be don’t step out of the house, put them in a room, lock them up. Eventually. Too much of a burden so kindly kill at birth. Ridiculous proposition!!!!

  4. I am absolutely bewildered… I diont know exactly I should react to this talibani law…to laugh at the ridiculousness of this or to get royally pissed!!

    how can they even conceive such a “brilliant” idea???!!!!!

    bhalo likhechish babu!

    • thank you baby! i had been absolutely fuming about this! i don’t know how they can even make a comment like this!!!!! and to think they are in charge of law enforcement. such a shame!

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  6. Even Gandhi , once famously said that “when a single woman with all the gold ornaments she can wear, walks safely in the streets of this country even at the stroke of midnight , then I would say that the country is independent” .
    The police have nothing in them to suggest that they follow the ideals of the great man. Instead they attack fasting Indians who are against “corruption” – the mainstay of government income.
    I just cant think otherwise but to ask the authorities whether they would’ve resorted to the same 8 pm curfew on women if, Priyanka Vadra was raped by seven men in an unknown location.
    Well I should be of f my mind to put these queries to the gurgaon Police as they will be wise enough to ask me back why priyanks would want to work in a Bar after midnight when she has other options in life ..
    All I ve learnt through these happennings is that the police Is the dumbest and the most wasted resources when it comes to manpower. All they do is sit and watch people riding on bikes and cars and the occassional drunk. they are really not bothered about any other cases as every case recorded is a case registered and that helps the count for the month .
    the police can get 100 of cases every day by parking their patrolling vehicles around the wine shops and just attacking thge man they think that is gonna drive off…. why would they travel and catch some men dangerous psychopaths who rape women … they might even have a weapon on them ….

    All these basterds in the centre should try to bring in some work ethics in the police department. but they are helpless as well . They are more bothered about watching porn videos in assembly and looking aft the welfare of the women and children in the country, not to forget their primary duty of swindling the monies and the secondary duty of safeguarding each other’s crime for the better .

    • @Shri,

      I agree with you that some accountability has to be now woven into the system. No one knows what happened to the policemen who did not take any action when the girl’s brother called. Will they ever be held responsible? How long can the law enforcement authorities get away by blaming everything on the victims?

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  10. You would be glad to read this.

    //GURGAON: Gurgaon police commissioner K K Sindhu said on Thursday that women could work at any time, even night shifts, without fear.

    He, however, said employers have to provide transport to women employees who work at night. Sindhu added that a dedicated 24×7 helpline for women – 0124-2335100 – had been started. //

    2. All-woman PCR van at mall

    //DCP (east) Maheshwar Dyal said, “We are committed to provide security to all citizens and women’s safety is our priority. A PCR van with six women personnel will patrol MG Road. We have also deployed six women cops, one sub-inspector and five constables at the outpost. Fifteen women cops have been deployed at five Metro stations. We have no doubt that after this the women will be safer in the city.” Sahara Mall officials attended the event.//

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  17. You just articulated my thoughts. We Delhi women apparently deserve to be raped after 8 PM. Let’s even ban with our education and our misguided parents who said to us that we should stand on on two feet or even our female brains which have evolved so we can argue.

  18. Excellent article. But expecting the govt to act is like expecting a tree to get up and walk. What could be an immediate solution to this prob that women could follow to protect themselves?

  19. @Jyotsna- The onus CAN NOT be shifted to the women anymore. The safety of citizens is a state responsibility and if the government is a tree then it is high time that it gets up and starts walking!!

    Talking about immediate solutions- men could be asked to NOT RAPE too. How about that instead of women being asked to “protect” themselves? 🙂

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