On a winter afternoon

I thought winter mornings are the best. Until I saw a winter afternoon. With its soft sunlight in my bedroom, curtains drawn, a soft quilt and complete silence. Except the birds in my balcony who always have something to say. And surprisingly they have more to say in the winter than in any other season of the year! But that doesnโ€™t matter at all. For I have had a perfectly sumptuous meal of daal, bhaaja and fish curry with rice, every bone in my body is lazy and I am just curling up on my bed to watch Charulata before I doze off to sleep.

Aah. Bliss. Thy name is winter afternoon.

Edited to add later– How would you spend a perfect winter afternoon? Tell me. I would love to know.


7 thoughts on “On a winter afternoon

  1. if it is a weekday afternoon in winter ..i would be typing some code on the laptop.

    if it is a weekend and winter , i would love to enjoy the whether with my loved one next to me … and dash dash dash…

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